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It's Poppin' Time! |OC|Speedpaint by SpicySaucySalad It's Poppin' Time! |OC|Speedpaint :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 4 0 Ball Kid|Baldi's Basics|OC|Speedpaint by SpicySaucySalad Ball Kid|Baldi's Basics|OC|Speedpaint :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 4 0 Wings|Sketch by SpicySaucySalad Wings|Sketch :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 3 0 Jance|Ship|Sketch by SpicySaucySalad Jance|Ship|Sketch :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 2 0 Glitch|Genohell Frisk|Sprite by SpicySaucySalad Glitch|Genohell Frisk|Sprite :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 2 0 S-7|Genohell Sans|Sprite by SpicySaucySalad S-7|Genohell Sans|Sprite :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 2 0 The Queen Of Clovers|Underkeep Jay|OC|Speedpaint by SpicySaucySalad The Queen Of Clovers|Underkeep Jay|OC|Speedpaint :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 7 2 Scripted|Genocide|Jans|Speedpaint by SpicySaucySalad Scripted|Genocide|Jans|Speedpaint :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 2 0 Set your differences aside.|Jans|Speedpaint by SpicySaucySalad Set your differences aside.|Jans|Speedpaint :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 3 2 Im so lazy oml by SpicySaucySalad Im so lazy oml :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 2 0 Pai the Skunk|Considered Old|Fnaf|OC|Sketch by SpicySaucySalad Pai the Skunk|Considered Old|Fnaf|OC|Sketch :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 5 2 Cayenne Carnation|Undertale|OC|Speedpaint by SpicySaucySalad Cayenne Carnation|Undertale|OC|Speedpaint :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 5 0 ThatUnreliableBlook95|Undertale|OC|Speedpaint by SpicySaucySalad ThatUnreliableBlook95|Undertale|OC|Speedpaint :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 5 0 Destiny the Sylveon|Poketale Jay|Read Desc. by SpicySaucySalad Destiny the Sylveon|Poketale Jay|Read Desc. :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 7 0 The Nitrogen Septet!|Trainertale|Speedpaint by SpicySaucySalad The Nitrogen Septet!|Trainertale|Speedpaint :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 5 1 D e t e r m i n a t i o n|Undertale|Speedpaint? by SpicySaucySalad D e t e r m i n a t i o n|Undertale|Speedpaint? :iconspicysaucysalad:SpicySaucySalad 6 0


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It's Poppin' Time! |OC|Speedpaint
I made a Wreck-It-Ralph/Sugar Rush OC! Okay I know the movie's from 2012 or smth, but when I saw the trailer of the second movie I thought I'd watch the first one. Which I just did today. Her name is Caramel Sprinkle Pop, but called Pop for short.

Base Link:…

Aaand as always;

Enjoy!~ :3
Ball Kid|Baldi's Basics|OC|Speedpaint
I've seen alot of sh!t about Baldi's Basics In Education and Learning, and I don't think I've seen any OC's, so I made an OC. Her name is Mione [Mai-ohn//My-own] Ira Petre, but is called Ball Kid. She's about 5-6 years old. You'd find her and any random classroom, in front of the desk/a notebook. Note: You only encounter her once so there's no problem there. She won't let you get the notebook, but she'll tell you to go and find her ball first, usually near the bully or smth. Once you get the ball you just go to her and she'll let you have the notebook. If you try giving her something different [Like Bsoda, a quarter, or the Principal's keys] she'll threaten to cut the notebook to shreds, which would be bad. You can give her candy though. You can also give her candy after getting her ball, and she'll do you a favor by stalling Baldi when you get all other notebooks. She could also stall Playtime by playing with her/him for you. And i think that's all I have to say.

Base Link:…

Aaand as always;

Enjoy!~ :3
I imagine the Desolation form of GH!Jayden a.k.a Anguish//An in Birdtale. Sooo I made her wings and tail.

Aaand as always;

Enjoy!~ :3
No. Just no.



Okay fine, this is a Sancest ship. I asked TaurisizAVEZOME on who should Janz be shipped with if he were in a ship, aand we ended up with Dancetale Sans. So yeah.

No Enjoy Today.

Glitch|Genohell Frisk|Sprite
Frisk [c] Toby Fox
Glitch [c] Me
Undertale [c] Toby Fox
Genohell [c] Me
Kay-J: [Genohell Jayden//Admin//Creator//Me] S-7 get your ass of my sofa.
S-7: [Genohell Sans' first/orig forme] Nah.
Kay-J: S-7. That was an order.
S-7: Ehhhhh. Still nah. *smirks*
Kay-J: *sighs* S-7
S-7: What
Kay-J: My fingers are this close to punching you. *does Ok Hand Emoji*
S-7: K-Kay
Kay-J: *sneering* Mhm?
S-7: Your fingers are t-touching. .
Kay-J: E x a c t l y
S-7: *gets off couch and RUNS* sans - fuk dis shit im out :D Run AwayGumball run icon 


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Jayden Valerio [Not entirely]
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
I like Undertale, My Little Pony, and CUTETAURIS_15. Yes I am bisexual but proud. I am also a sans fangirl but don't hate me for that please! I am a Virgo and my birthday's on September 15. ;3



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